Welcome to Rodney's Custom Speaker Boxes

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. All of our boxes are custom built to your order, so you can be sure to get the box you are looking for.  Most are availible with several different subwoofer sizes, color carpet and mounting depths. 

All of our boxes are custom built from 3/4" MDF, not the cheaper 5/8" you see from most other box companies.   We also polyfill all of our boxes. Polyfill helps smooth out speaker resonse and helps with the low end response.  All speaker companies I have seen recommend polyfill, it can easily be removed if wish to run it with out it.  Also all boxes come with terminal cup and speaker wire, so its drop in ready for your subwoofer.

Thank you for visiting.  Please contact us through the link at top of page if have any questions. 

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